Support Us By Shopping!

There are a number of rewards programs you can join and select John Henry Neff Elementary as the beneficiary. It does’t cost you a thing and helps us a lot.

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Stauffer's of Kissel Hill Rewards


Use your Stauffers Signature Rewards ID to earn money for Neff Elementary. When you register, Stauffers will rebate up to 1% of the purchases made to the school of your choosing.

This year ALL Stauffers Signature Rewards cards must be linked up to their new system.

Steps to Link Your Stauffers Signature Rewards ID to Your School of Choice (pdf)

Weis 4 School


By participating in this program, we can earn money for our school by simply shopping as we all do every day. When you shop at Weis, scan the barcode below to register your Weis Club Card. Once you register, you're in the program and do not need to register again. Please share this barcode with your friend and relatives so they can earn points for our school too. 


Thank you for supporting our school with much needed funding!

Weis 4 School Flyer (pdf)


Donate Your Product Codes


When you make Coca-Cola purchases, enter the product codes here: and our school receives a donation. 


Sign in, select John Henry Neff Elem School and enter your product codes manually or scan them with your smartphone.


Where to find Codes

Brands include Coke, Dasani, Fresca, Fuze, Pibb, Seagram's, Sprite, Fanta, Mellow Yellow, Barq's


Any beverage that has a product code under its cap or printed on its paper packaging is eligible to be used for donation. 


For a complete list of participating products visit:


How much is my code worth?


Coca-Cola Give FAQ (pdf)